About Our Firm

Technical Experience and Focus

     The firm's technical background, and preparation and prosecution experience include:
      Electrical components, circuitry, and systems
      Electronics manufacturing, processing, and circuitry including consumer electronics
      Chemicals, chemical manufacturing and other chemical engineering related technology
      Internet-related search engines and communications
      Semiconductor devices, manufacturing, and technology
      Communications, imaging, and display systems
      Computers including computer logic, system software and hardware and peripherals
      Optics and optical devices
      Optical systems including lasers, fiber optics and cabling, and lens systems
      Electro-optical systems including copiers, scanners, cameras, facsimile/modems and other peripherals
      Electrical systems, devices, and related circuitry
      Electro-mechanical control systems and components
      Process controls including semiconductor manufacture, film processing, and ergonomic systems
      Measurement and analysis systems
      Biomedical and biomechanical devices and electronics including biochemical analysis instrumentation.
     Further, due to the firmís strategic location (i.e., about twenty-five minutes by car or Metro/subway) to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, McGinn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC is extremely well-positioned to conduct personal interviews very economically for its clients.
     Moreover, the firmís members not only personally interview cases originally prepared by the firm, but also, at their clientsí request, for applications prepared by outside counsel. The firmís location and experience make such interviews extremely economical, and serve to speed prosecution and narrow issues quickly, thereby saving the client prosecution costs over the long-run.
     Additionally, the firmís close proximity to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as to the Library of Congress and other national archival sites, allows the firm to conduct efficient and economical patentability, validity, clearance, and trademark searches.
     The firm members of McGinn IP Law Group, PLLC take pride in providing a top-notch, high-quality product for their clients, with an emphasis on personal attention to every case, responsiveness, and high value.


The Firmís Strategic Location

     The offices of McGinn IP Law Group, PLLC are strategically located just five (5) minutes by foot from the Greensboro Metro Station (Silver Line) which is nine metro stops (i.e., about 25 minutes) from Washington, D.C. and ten metro stops from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (the so-called ďRocket DocketĒ). In addition, the firm is strategically located just 15 minutes by car from Dulles International Airport.
     Importantly, Washington, D.C., with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Supreme Court and the U.S. Copyright Office, and Alexandria, with the U.S.P.T.O. and ďRocket DocketĒ, are just minutes away from the firmís doors. Thus, the firmís convenient location to downtown Washington and the U.S.P.T.O. (and ďRocket DocketĒ) allows for easy and efficient travel for personal interviews with the U.S. Patent Examiners, searches, litigation and appellate appearances and the like, as well as a convenient venue for the firmís clients to visit.


Training Program

     To provide better service for its overseas associates, patent attorneys, and patent engineers, McGinn IP Law Group, PLLC has offered a comprehensive, hands-on training program in all major aspects of U.S. intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
     The unique size and synergy of McGinn IP Law Group, PLLC maximizes the opportunities for overseas associates to study and master the U.S. intellectual property law system, including patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution. Such mastery comes from the close and detailed supervision and instruction by the firm's members of the trainees and their side-by-side working with the Firmís principals.
     As part of their training, the overseas trainees are encouraged to study for and take the U.S. Patent Agentís Examination administered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The firmís training philosophy is that by studying for and subsequently taking the examination, an objective ďyardstickĒ is provided regarding the traineeís mastery of U.S. patent law.
     For such trainees, weekly lectures are presented by the Firmís attorneys, each of whom have instructed numerous previous trainees and prospective patent attorney candidates, both overseas and domestic, on all subjects covered by the examination.
     After the trainees take the U.S. Patent Agentís Examination, other intellectual property subject areas are addressed such as trademarks, licensing, software patents, litigation, and so forth for the traineesí remaining stay in the U.S.
     Additionally, overseas trainees work side-by-side with the firm's personnel in preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications. As a result of the firmís attorneys first discussing prospective inventions with the trainee, and then subsequently reviewing, revising, and discussing such revisions with the trainee, the trainee, through preparation of numerous applications and responses during the year, is able to master the practical aspects of U.S. patent application preparation and prosecution.
     Additionally, the strategic location (e.g., about twenty-five minutes from the U.S.P.T.O. by car or metro) of the firm enables trainees to accompany the firm's principals and participate in Patent Examiner interviews, searches and court appearances, thereby further rounding out their learning experience.
     The firm also encourages trainees to enroll in commercially-available intellectual property courses such as those presented by the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), the Intellectual Property Law section of the American Bar Association, and the Patent Law Instituteís or the Patent Resources Group, Inc.ís Patent Bar Review Course (founded by Professor Irving Kayton) to expand their knowledge.
     Further, the firm recommends the trainees consider attending English composition and business correspondence writing courses at local universities and colleges, to assist the trainee upon returning overseas, in the preparation of English-language applications, correspondence with English-speaking attorneys, and the like. Helpful courses are offered at George Mason University (twenty minutes from the firmís doors), as well as at the LADO International College in Rosslyn.
     In sum, McGinn IP Law Group, PLLC has the resources and the experience in training their overseas associates for mastery of U.S. intellectual property law. While at a former firm, Mr. McGinn directed an overseas associatesí training program, and devoted countless hours to training one-year trainees from one of the premier corporations in the world, which resulted in success on the U.S. Patent Agentís Examination for the one-year trainees.
     Further, from March, 1992 to 1999, Mr. McGinn served as a claims drafting instructor for the Patent Bar Review Course, and as an Instructor for the Advanced Application and Amendment Writing Workshop which are presented by the Patent Resources Group, Inc. of Charlottesville, Virginia, in various sites throughout the U.S. including Chicago, Illinois, Pasadena, California, and Washington, D.C. He was also selected to be a primary lecturer for the Patent Bar Review Course, as well as continuing his duties as a Claims Drafting Instructor and an Advanced Application and Amendment Writing Instructor.
     Finally, the firm is situated extremely close to major hotels such as the Hilton Garden Inn, Marriott, and Extended Stay America Hotel, as well as many nearby high quality apartment buildings such as Oakwood Apartments, both furnished and unfurnished, thereby providing the utmost in convenience to the trainee.


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